Sunday Cooking

There's something about cooking on Sunday that's better or at least, different from the other days of the week. For one thing it's the opposite of weekday quick dinners, leftovers or takeout. And although delish and enjoyable, it's not Saturday restaurant dining. What's Sunday cooking about?

For me it's the day of the Farmer's Market in my town. There's nothing better than walking in and out of the stalls picking out the best farm grown fruits and veggies available. It either the perfect palette for the blank canvas of a menu or it's the thrill of the hunt for the just right ingredient to complete an already planned dish.

Farmer's Market Toms

Farmer's Market Toms

Sunday's the day that allows a leisurely pace to make food that takes a while. It's the time for lasagnas, soups, stews, sauces, or risottos. Meats marinated, roasted, baked, smoked or barbecued. There's a relaxation that comes from chopping, grating, and measuring together a recipe that then needs stirring, timing, basting, and turning. Hours of curating can only achieve home cooking imbued with love.  Such meals should not only be the fare for families but dinners for one as well. Everyone needs Sunday comfort food.

What's cooking at your place today?