Please Don't Cheers Me

Tonight seems a good time to set the record straight on a pet peeve of mine. It involves the distinction between toasting and cheers.

It hurts my ears to hear people say, “Cheers me!” or “Get your glass, we’re going to cheers.” No. You’re not. You’re going to toast. Saying “Cheers!” is the toast. I don’t know when the confusion started. I suspect it was when we became inundated with the Housewives of Little Class.

Consuming vast amounts of “champs” means they might have money but not the right vernacular for toasting. Perhaps the ladies of Bravo have leaked their poor vocabulary to the masses.

I’m here to set the record straight on this night of toasting. We do not “cheers” each other, it’s not a verb. We do however, toast. To a Happy New Year, to good health and prosperity, to whatever you like… by saying, “Cheers!”

Go forth and correct. Let’s put “cheers” in it’s proper place. Salute, Cin Cin, and Gëzuar!